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Create, celebrate and socialize.

Hot Pot is a sociable activity that allows family and friends to gather together around the pot to celebrate the tradition of sharing, the tradition of Hot Pot. 

With over 150 Hot Pot branches in Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam we bring to you expertise with our first Hot Pot in the heart of London.

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We offer five varieties of broth, each comprising over 50 ingredients and made fresh in our kitchen daily.

From China, we serve a fiery Mala Sichuan, a rich chicken and a healthy clear broth, from Thailand, a hot and sour Tom Yum broth and we also serve a vegetarian broth that can be spiced to taste.

Diners then select from over 60 ingredients to cook in their broth. Some of our favourites include British rib-eye, marinated chicken, sea bass, king prawns, shrimp wontons, fresh abalone, shitake and golden needle mushrooms, sweet potato, fresh tofu and quail’s eggs.

We recognise the importance of creating the perfect sauce in which to dip your cooked ingredients, so we offer a huge variety of unlimited options so you can taste and experiment as much as you wish. Once your broth has become enriched with the flavours of your chosen cooking ingredients, try adding some noodles to create your own soup to enjoy at the end of your meal.

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The meal should be enjoyed at a leisurely pace, allowing friends and family to create and share lasting memories. In view of this, we do not enforce restricted table times or limit group numbers.


All of our broths are made fresh in-house every day.

We serve British free-range meat, sustainably sourced fish and shellfish, and a mix of freshly delivered Asian and British vegetables.


Fresh broths are rich in minerals that support the immune system and contain healing compounds.

As your food is boiled rather than fried, Hot Pot is a healthy option. Eating food cooked at higher temperatures also warms the body and improves blood circulation.

1. Choose your broth

Your server will bring your chosen broth to your table.

Please wait for it to boil.

2. Prepare your sauce

Choose from our wide selection of ingredients to eat with your cooked ingredients.

You are invited to visit the sauce station as many times as you wish.

3. Cook your ingredients

Cook your chosen ingredients in your broth until cooked to your satisfaction.

If you wish to eat the ingredients together, make sure to cook those that take the longest first.

4. Time to dip

Now dip your cooked food into your own tailored sauces.

Experiment with our many options.

5. Try your broth as soup

Your broth will become flavoured during your meal.

When you find the flavour has developed, try adding noodles and enjoy your enriched broth as a soup.