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March 2017

Gluten Free and Vegan options in Chinatown


The nature of Hot Pot allows diners to tailor-make their own meal so those looking for gluten free and/or vegan options have a huge selection of ingredients from which to choose. Eat with your friends. Our special sharing pots divided down the middle allow your table to try two broths meaning that gluten free, vegans [...]

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Cocktails in Chinatown


We are very proud to be the only full-service restaurant offering cocktails in Chinatown. We have a list of nine cocktails and eight special cocktails as well as a large range of cocktails, fresh juices and blended juices. Try the Passionfruit Mojito made with white rum, Diploma rum, lime, mint and passion fruit (pictured) or [...]

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Londonist News


We’re so pleased to be one of Londonist's "Best New London Restaurants To Try In March" Read the full list here: Londonist 'The Best Restaurants & Pop-Ups To Try In March' Article

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Hot Dinners News


"a fun place to go with a whole gang of you" says Hot Dinners who featured us on their Gastroblog. Read more here: Hot Dinners Article

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Black Chicken


When you come to Hot Pot and choose your broth try our Chicken. We make it with black chicken, Chinese rice wine, goji berries and ginseng. Black chickens have a much tastier and almost gamier flavour to the dark-meat. The Chinese have used it as food and as medicine for over a thousand years and [...]

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