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Hot Pot is located at Wardour Street’s Chinese gate into Chinatown.

Our restaurant is elegantly decorated in neutral tones with botanical-inspired wall coverings contrasting with the subtle metallic sheen of darker woven panels, accented by antique mirrors, polished-brass palm wall-lights, crackle-glazed jade tiles and linen table lamps.

Our aim is to provide our diners with a relaxed and comfortable environment in which to enjoy their meal at a leisurely pace, allowing friends and family to create and share lasting memories.


“Fresh only” is our food philosophy: We make our food from scratch using purposeful ingredients and the time honoured tradition of wok cooking. Just like the Far East’s street-cooks, we source the freshest ingredients locally and prepare them with our own hands. Daily. Our ingredients are selected for their particular flavour and their nutritional benefits. We only use the highest quality ingredients no matter the cost, we care.


To create and celebrate good and lasting memories.

Hot Pot has always been a coming together for people of all ages – a cheerful activity that allows family and friends to gather around the pot and create, celebrate and socialise.

Eating together in large groups naturally enriches bonding, but sharing in the cooking can take that bonding to a deeper level. Cooking together involves teamwork, planning, experimentation and risk, leaving groups with a sense of shared satisfaction and achievement, and lasting memories.