Black Chicken

When you come to Hot Pot and choose your broth try our Chicken. We make it with black chicken, Chinese rice wine, goji berries and ginseng. Black chickens have a much tastier and almost gamier flavour to the dark-meat. The Chinese have used it as food and as medicine for over a thousand years and it is traditional for Asian Chefs to use the chickens in Hot Pot broths for these health benefits.

What are the health benefits?

There are less calories in black chicken, this is mostly due to less fat than regular chicken, for example 100g of regular chicken has around 8 grams fat while black chicken has only 2.

Black chicken has double the amount of the antioxidant carnosine than regular chicken. Carnosine is used as a supplement to alleviate diseases such as autism, prevent joint inflammation, protect against neurological disorders (like Alzhemier’s) and aid diabetic patients.

Research also suggests that black chicken may offer higher levels of iron and nutrients usually present in regular chicken.


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