Gluten Free and Vegan options in Chinatown

The nature of Hot Pot allows diners to tailor-make their own meal so those looking for gluten free and/or vegan options have a huge selection of ingredients from which to choose. Eat with your friends. Our special sharing pots divided down the middle allow your table to try two broths meaning that gluten free, vegans and carnivores can all enjoy the same experience at the same time from their own broths.

What can you eat?

Two our of the five broths available are gluten free, clear and vegetarian, and the vegetarian broth is also suitable for vegans. Aside from a small selection of marinated and spiced ingredients (that are clearly marked) the majority of items are provided raw so clearly do not contain gluten or animal products.

For vegans there are 14 types of vegetables, 6 types of mushrooms, 6 types of tofu and 3 types of noodles to choose from.
Gluten Free options are huge with the majority of the menu being free of gluten as well as all noodles made from rice flour.

Before ordering please speak to our staff about your requirements. Indications of allergens are provided as a guide and while we have provided information to the best of our knowledge we advise that any specific concerns are checked on an individual basis.

The key indicators we have marked are:

Vegetarian / Gluten Friendly / Crustaceans / Egg / Fish / Peanuts / Soybeans / Milk (including lactose) / Nuts / Sesame Seeds / Molluscs / Sulphites / Alcohol


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